Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I've been writing some pretty short and fairly lame blog posts lately. I know it. I'm going to blame it on anesthesia as I hear that can mess up your brain cells. Laughing. I'm not really blaming it on a loss of brain cells; more like a lack of persistence. In the winter, I hunker down in my flannels with the laptop and spend the evening writing and watching mindless television or movies. In the summer, we're outside and I just don't spend enough time doing it. The less I do, the less inclined I am to do it. The less I think about what I'm going to write and the less I see things that might be interesting topics. It's a vicious cycle that may not improve until winter, flannels, and wine return.

There are so many very brief ways to communicate now. Twitter, which I don't like, and facebook, which I am getting to like, both require few words. I've noticed that lots of people on facebook don't write anything at all...they just click that they like something you wrote. Hey, the lazy man's way! Could we at least write a comment? Text messaging, which I suck at, takes so long that by the time a guy gets int he capital letters and paragraphs, the time is gone for what he had to say. I guess it's all an improvement over the pony express, but not much. Faster but not nearly as interesting.

For anybody who is interested in my eating habits (lots of people ask me what I can eat now, as if I can't eat anything): I had halibut and tuna on the grill for dinner with a few springs of asparagus and three strawberries. I had cottage cheese for lunch and a bowl of blueberries and All Bran for breakfast. There you have it. Very satisfying. I might have a small glass of white wine for dessert.

Regis and I ventured downtown this afternoon to do a few errands. For those of you who are not from here, our main street is all torn up as it's in the midst of beautification thanks to the Reinvestment Act. We stopped in the Swedish Kontur where the fragile glass was teetering on its little shelves. It looks like a bomb went off in front of the stores...half the sidewalks are gone, all the trees are gone, and the street is full of heavy equipment. Reminds a guy of the tornado after-math. We're pretty loyal in-town shoppers, though, so I'm sure we'll brave it again.

I have gotten into the morning exercise habit. Today I realized that even though I did my 45 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights, by this afternoon I didn't remember doing it. That's what I liked about sort of faded into my memory. Nice.

It's beautiful outside tonight but cool. I had to put a jacket on. I wrote somewhere that we were outside last night and we saw fireflies. I was enchanted with them in Iowa but we're rarely outside after dark when we're home and I had never seen them in the garden. Magical!

Dick had such a pretty garden that I was inspired to plan a new project for my garden. I want to put a small patio in the center where the joe pye weed is and have a table and two chairs there. I found a table and chair set that I like. It has substantial chairs and a stone tile top. I lose plants all the time in the center of the garden because it's a production to get out there when the plants get big.

Regis asked me tonight if I wanted to go to Philadelphia this fall. Then he told me about a plane in which a football-sized hole appeared in flight. Uh huh. Bad timing on that story.

Out to find my dessert.

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