Wednesday, July 22, 2009

side effects of summer

One of the side effects of summer, especially July, and not looking at the calendar and the clock constantly, is that my brain sort of slows down. I can't remember if I have only composed mentally on a topic, or actually written about it. I've considered starting another anonymous blog so I don't bore people with the same crap over and over.

I weighed myself this morning, something I was loathe to do before the incident. This morning, I was officially not in the obese category anymore but merely in the overweight category. My goal has been to reach, at some point, the normal BMI category but both doctors were discouraging of that notion. They said that BMI is figured on bone to muscle to fat ratios and once a person has been overweight, the numbers are off. They doubted that I could reach the normal BMI without looking like a survivor of some disaster. I guess I'll take them at their word and won't worry about that.

I remember the first time I saw obese on a medical chart. Nobody explained that it was a medical data thing and not a value judgement. Whoa. Harsh, I thought. So many head things to work out here in this process of losing weight.

I went back to bed this morning because it's one of the few days this summer I don't have to rush off somewhere. My neighbor is having his house roofed so all my dreams had barking dogs and nail pounding in them. Not very restful sleep and probably a sign.

Regis is smoking a beef roast on the grill today. He worried about disturbing the roofers with the smell and the smoke but decided hell, they're pounding at 7 a.m. so wtf.

On our way to Marshall, we stopped at a Super America to use the facilities. They had a picture on the wall of the restroom of a lovely pastoral scene and it was entitled Friendship. The frame was bolted to the wall with big ass screws. There's some irony for you.

More later, no doubt.

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