Saturday, July 04, 2009

more saturday

I'm sure because I write here so often it seems as if I have nothing to do. Ummm, that's not true. It's a nice distraction from more productive endeavors like doing dishes and cleaning.

I was thinking about the menu for tomorrow. Here it is:

Chili cheese dip

Smoked pork butt sandwiches
Cowboy beans
Cole slaw
Melon and berries

Peanut buster parfait dessert
Puppy chow

The meat was cooked yesterday so only has to be heated tomorrow. I'm making the beans, the fruit tray, and the dessert. Easy. We're hoping for nice weather. Happy birthday to Regis.

We came inside to a less stimulating environment to watch the Boston Pops and their fireworks which you can do with fewer exploding noises. Much to our chagrin, they are playing country music. Country music. I like most kinds of music except that whiny country crap and of course, rap. Regis says this is what happens when they move the Boston Pops from PBS to ABC. Sure enough, we went back to PBS and there was the 1812 Overture.

On to the next celebration.

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