Saturday, July 18, 2009

german winefest at morgan creek vineyard

Regis, Tom, and I went to the German Wine Tasting Festival at Morgan Creek last night. It was such a lovely, magical night that I'm going to post all the photos with my comments. This is the front door of the tasting room. It opens onto a patio and the garden area. We ordered a bottle of the new Gewurztraminer and a Greek pizza. Oh, my. Both were like heaven.

The garden is beautiful. I walked up the steps and took this picture of the patio and fire ring from the top of the hill.

Here I am on the patio with a glass of the new wine. It got to be a full crowd but not horrible. We were worried about the chilly weather but being in the valley, we were protected from the wind.

Another view of the garden and patio area. The fire was popular last night!

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SteveW said...

Love the pictures and commentary