Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday evening update

Busy day.

Pork butts on the grill all day. I had to be responsible for the charcoal while Regis went car shopping with Reg and Amber. They bought a pretty silver Honda Accord. I think we're going to make a deal on an Accord Monday. This will be my car to drive but I'm not too interested in most of the details. I don't care about cruise control but I wanted a seat heater. It has the former but not the latter.

Kathy came and helped me clean today. I'm a pretty worthless cleaner because I get distracted. She bossed me around (in a good way) and scrubbed my kitchen floor on her hands and knees. I paid her extra for that, believe me.

We went to Patrick's for dinner. Nice time...bad bench. Made my legs numb.

We sat outside this evening even though it rained ever so lightly from time to time. A few fireworks in the neighborhood that made the dog very nervous. I don't get the attraction to fireworks myself. I like them on television when you don't hear the sound of exploding.

Happy almost 4th of July. Be careful.

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