Thursday, July 16, 2009

cold in july

It is unseasonably and unnaturally cold here in southern Minnesota today. We had a brisk wind all day and it was cold enough to wear a sweatshirt although I did see people in sleeveless things. I had a sweater and a jean jacket on when we went out and about. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder yet and we have plans to go to Morgan Creek for the release of their signature German white wine, Gewurztraminer. It's an outdoor event, though, so we'll have to bundle up.

I suggested to Regis that we turn on the furnace but he gave me a look of scorn. It's July, he said. At least we could close the windows, I said. I stopped at the garden center on my way back from the doctor's office today and I swear Fred was as grouchy about the weather as Regis is. He went on a rant about how hot it's supposed to be but isn't. I figure any day without the AC is a good one.

I worked out with Rachel today and I think I'm getting stronger. It doesn't kill me to do 45 minutes with her anymore and I can still do the treadmill when I'm done without curling up in a fetal position. When I started, she had me standing on this half-ball thing below for 60 seconds. I was miserable at it and wobbled like I had been drinking. When I got better, she pushed me to do squats on it. Man. It's not so bad if nobody's looking but it's harder than it appears it should be. This is the balance thing that will keep me from falling down and hitting my head on the toilet when I get old.

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