Sunday, July 05, 2009

birthday event

We had gorgeous weather, the food was delicious, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I was too tired to serve dessert to most people but those who hung around until I had time to recharge got some. Good for them, too bad for the rest. Never leave a party early is the lesson.

We have a busy week. Car shopping tomorrow. Work Tuesday. Mayo Wednesday. Joanne to out-patient surgery on Thursday. Iowa Friday. We'll need a vacation from our vacation.

Here's a slideshow from the party. Regis is opening a present from Betty and Tom in one picture: a lunchbox for his return to school containing a Batman thermos, a PBJ sandwich wrapped in wax paper, an apple, pencils, and a box of Swisher Sweets among many other things. What a hoot.

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Jill said...

Oooh such nice pictures! Looks like a great party with lots of babies to help keep everyone busy!