Saturday, July 18, 2009

and this is the last one...

Regis on the patio at Morgan Creek. He thinks a sweatshirt on July 17th is an abomination but honestly, the warm clothes felt good.

It was such a friendly crowd at Morgan Creek. This picture was taken by a woman at the next table. I took several pictures of other tables as I walked through the garden area.

These are the women at the next table. They were very friendly. The woman in the white hat shares a birthday with Tom which tickled us immensely.

This picture was taken by one of the women in the photo above, Terri, I think. She thought it would be clever to tilt the camera and I do like it.

Our final stop of the evening was at the Preri Bach Saloon in Cambria. Preri Bach is a phrase used by the Welsh people when they settled here years ago and it refers to the beautiful prairie. It is indeed. The saloon was a fitting end to our evening of revelry. The bartender and wait person were very friendly and brought the men tap beers and big burgers. A group of people came in while we were waiting and like people in tiny towns, they wanted to talk. The driver had a baby blue cadillac convertible that she wanted us to see and we shared information like birthdays and hometowns. They waved and shouted and wished us safe travels as we left for home.

Here's the famous Cambria burger. Reports are that it was delicious.

I delivered Tom safely at his door about 10:00 and Regis and I arrived home shortly after. We agreed it was a night we'll remember.

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Jill said...

Did you lose Betty along the way? Maybe I should read your posts in order...