Monday, June 01, 2009

well, i'm still alive so they didn't kill me yet

Excuse me, I have to brag. I went to the fitness center this morning, walked on a treadmill for 20 minutes, then participated in a strength training class. I was not the most fit person there and I had to stop a few times before we got to pumping iron for 20 reps but I made it the whole half hour. Ta da! Then tonight, Regis and I rode our bikes down to Bob's and he stayed there while I went to a Zumba class. Now, if I had looked this up in the internet before I went, I never would have gone but I'm trying hard to free myself of the old mental constraints of I can't do this or that.

This was described to me as a "Mexican dance class". You can imagine the image I had. What it is is (I did that on purpose) Latin hip hop aerobic exercise. This was an hour class taught by a willowy but muscular blonde who moved like she was made of rubber. I tried to find a youtube video that was more like my class (not wanting to offend the other people there, I will leave you to your own imagination) but I guess they don't publish those. This will give you an idea.

I have to say that even though I had to stop after 20 minutes, it was really fun and I'll go back. What a hoot! What a hoot! What a damn hoot!


deb said...

um, next time bring your video camera! Good for you for your boundless exercise today. The Rockstar is at it again.

Amanda said...

wow! zumba looks like a blast! i'm more likely to join a coven of witches than a fitness center, but maybe callum and i can learn on our own:)

mom said...

I wonder how they would like a great granny to join their class. I might last a second or two. Maybe I would get rid of my bat wings! You go girl.
You are doing great. I bought smore stuff today, but won't let you have any this weekend. Mom