Friday, June 19, 2009

treating our kids equally

I just read over the post about asking Peter to pick up a dead mouse. A couple nights before, we asked Regis to pick up dog barf under the table. So, Tiffany and Bob, next time you're over, we might have something disgusting for you to pick up...just in the interest of fairness.

P.S. I did a search for images of dead mouse, but decided I couldn't do it. Here is a live mouse by way of illustration. The one in the garage was deader and not nearly as cute.

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Jill said...

The dead mouse story reminds me of when I was working at South many long years ago, and the ceilings were being replaced in the interest of removing every last fiber of asbestos from the place. I had stopped in my room on a Sunday afternoon to get some things to prepare for Monday. The ceiling remover crew was working fast and furiously. I heard a shriek and then a laugh from one of them, and a few seconds later she walked past my classroom caring an enormous dead, mummified, flat rat by the tail. Seems as if all sorts of critters and other weird stuff showed up in the suspended tile ceiling.