Thursday, June 04, 2009

today in la la land

I went to the fitness center after school where a nice lady tried to murder me with something called an elliptical. That is some torture device. My goal is to make it to five minutes without collapsing. I learned that I have crappy balance. When the nice lady said, now try that standing on one leg, I laughed. When she told me to walk on the tread mill without hanging on, I said I was sure I would fly off the end.

Regis smoked the pork shoulders today and they smell wonderful. He smoked a turkey breast, too, so I have some leaner meat to eat. If we get stranded anywhere along the route tomorrow, we'll eat well.

Reggie was here when I got home and Peter came shortly after. That was the end of my productivity. We sat on the patio until almost dark, watching the baby robins, keeping an eye on the neighborhood, and giving advice to the chef. It was just a beautiful evening.

We're leaving tomorrow about 9 for Ottertail Lake. See you Sunday!

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Jill said...

I've been watching the news for a story about a car heading toward Ottertail Lake being followed by a pack of hungry wolves. Don't pull over if it's you...they're after the turkey.