Tuesday, June 09, 2009

sorry I removed the electric mattress pad

Who knew I would need an electric mattress pad into June? It's about 60 degrees right now, going down to 48 with rain tonight. Good grief, Miles. Get out the Patagonia again. I bought a new white cotton blanket today at Penney's so I hope that will keep me warm tonight. Somebody told me (Joanne?) that people have been wearing winter coats to graduation parties when they have to sit in the garage. It's a midwestern thing.

I remember one year it was cold on the 4th of July. They brought a van full of old people down for the parade and their wheelchairs were lined up along the street. Each of the old folks was wrapped in a white blanket like a cocoon. It looked like a Guindon cartoon, if you remember those.

Regis and I stopped at Mazatlan for lunch today. They have new booths and new chairs and it is so cute! It looks like a real authentic Mexican hacienda (or something). I told Regis I must have a little southern blood because I LOVE those bright colors. The bathroom is a bright periwinkle and the ceilings are orange. The furniture is very colorful. We're going to take a picture next time we go. If you live in the area, this is a MUST FREQUENT restaurant. The food is wonderful, the service is excellent (Jesus waited on us today, for example.), and the prices are great. Highly recommended. The link has the menu but not the new decor. Check it out.

We like go out to eat but it's been a bit of a challenge since my surgery. I have a hard time finding the right thing and I usually end up with about 6 meals out of one entree. Mexican restaurants are the easiest because I can eat refried beans and guacamole and they make their ground beef so fine that it works pretty well.

Hey, this morning I made it 5 minutes on the elliptical without stopping to rest! Way to go!

Our robins seem to have made it through the most dangerous first days out of the nest. At least we haven't found any smashed on the street. The parents still seem to be buzzing around with worms so we suspect the babies have graduated to low-hanging limbs. Life's rough in the bird world.

Cousin Deb is sending me a red bracelet. She makes them and they're so pretty. I have two turquoise ones and I love them.

Tom is home safely from his trip to Idaho. We haven't heard the stories yet but I bet there are some good ones.

I wonder what kind of shoes a guy wears in weather like this. Socks seem a little unfashionable in June but I might have to go with it.

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Joanne said...

I have seen some people wearing socks with their sandals. Pretty tacky- yet effective in this weather. I have seen people wearing heavy sweaters with shorts too. I think that we just don't want to give up our summer wardrobes. We can wear those items for such a short time as it is.