Thursday, June 18, 2009


Regis and I spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon making sauces for the chicken legs we're cooking Saturday night in celebration of Patriarch's Day. As you can see, we made a thai barbecue, a regular barbecue, and a teriyaki. Aren't they pretty? We also cleaned the house, and I used the word clean loosely. Neither of us have much patience for it but at least we're not as bad as that woman who had squirrels in her living room.

More severe weather tonight but we're ready for it this time. I told Peter to be prepared in case we stumble down there in the dark.

I've been filling the tray feeder up every day. The grackles get in there and root around like pigs. They're all the same sunflower seeds, can't they see that? It's like they're looking for one special seed. They shake their heads from side to side and the seeds go flying. They've also had a loud and screechy baby with them who wants to be fed constantly.

We had tuna steaks and stuffed mushrooms on the grill for dinner. I love sitting out there when the garden is gorgeous. The daylilies are starting to bloom and it's like a jungle with all the birds.

Peter carried all the winter flotsam and jetsam from the porch to the basement. I don't know why it accumulates so badly over the winter: crock pots, blankets, empty boxes, bags of towels, bags of holiday decorations, boxes of junk I've picked up in previous cleaning missions. Ugh. We need less crap.

I told Regis that one day I'm going to take down every curtain in this house and throw them in the trash. Most of them have been up for ten years, or close to it. I'm tired of the Miss Havisham look.

We're going outside to see how long we can tolerate the humidity. The AC is on in the house so we can always beat a hasty retreat.

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