Wednesday, June 03, 2009

rode my bike to school

I rode my bike to school today. I had to go to an interview at the high school so I had to ride my bike over there and back. Then home. I figure it's about nine miles total. I have an odometer but I don't know how to read it so I have to guess at the mileage. Wonderful ride but I'm pooped tonight.

I'm sitting in my purple robe, my new exercise shoes, and my new Duluth Trading Post solar weave booney hat. I have the hat buttoned up on the side so I think I look like I'm going on safari. Peter says it's not a look I'm pulling off very well and he hopes none of his friends come to the door.

Regis is gearing up for the pork butt smoking tomorrow. He has to get up early to get it on the grill. He's taking care of the whole works...the dry rub recipe, the mop, and the grill. I just get to come home and smell it while I sit on the patio.

Well, I'm going to bed to read Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese. Check out the reviews.

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Jill said...

Okay I'm getting caught up on your blog entries now. I'm impressed with your fitness commitment. I have to admit, though, that since I read the last five or so entries from newest to oldest, I had some momentary confusion about the role of the smoked pork butts, but that got cleared up quickly.