Sunday, June 07, 2009

record low high

We were at Barky's Resort on Ottertail Lake with most of the Saums this weekend. We were prepared for cold weather, even stopped at Fleet Farm and bought two extra sweatshirts, but we were not prepared for the weather we had. Regis said it was a record low high yesterday in Battle Lake. That means, really, a record low. The rain came sideways and was torrential. We weren't on the beach even one time. We had about 2 hours of sunshine Friday when we got there and that was the end of the pleasant weather.

We had a very good time, though. There are pictures here if you want to take the extended look. The babies were a big hit...Tiffany's Elliot and Jeremy's Dakota Star. The three little girls, Evynne, Darby, and Evelyn, had a great time together even though they got a little squirrely. Mom took us all out for breakfast at Betty's Pantry in Ottertail to end the fine weekend.

The pork butts that Regis smoked were a big hit. We served the whole family sandwiches on Friday night. We made a Carolina barbecue finishing sauce that's a vinegar base rather than tomato base. It was perfect.

If you know me at all, you know I am not a fan of long car trips. I was a good sport on both legs of the journey this weekend but about Hutchinson on the way home, I started to get antsy. I had eaten a piece of sugar-free chocolate that did not agree with me. Serves me right.

Our baby robins appear to have left the nest while we were gone. There is one fat one still perched in the nest but the others have flown. Or have been fledged? Is that how you say it? It's a miracle that they grow so fast. We'll miss these babies but there's probably time for another crop.

I was afraid my poppies would bloom while I was gone but they didn't. They were probably afraid it would snow on them.

I have to go and attempt to gather my road trip brains so I can go to work tomorrow. Ugh.

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Jill said...

The pictures on picasa are terrific. It's a disappointment to have cold, rainy weather, but on the other hand it means people talk to each other.

Snow--oh lordy, let's hope not!