Monday, June 15, 2009

oh, say it isn't so

I just read the newsletter from one of my favorite blogs, This Goat's Life. The main goat, Baby Belle, was diagnosed with cancer. She's been doing pretty well since January but you can guess the outcome. They think it will be impossible to continue the blog when Baby Belle dies. I'm heartbroken.

I sat on the patio in a lawn chair most of yesterday afternoon. It was warm enough to make a guy seek shade but cool enough to not drive you inside. I even took a short nap which is difficult to do sitting up. I finished So Brave, Young, and Handsome by Leif Enger. It's now on my list of all-time favorite books. Ella came over after her nap and helped Regis cook chicken breasts and ground brisket sandwiches on the grill. We walked across the street to pick strawberries and see the fish pond, and then we read books in the lawn chair. What a day.

Today is quite another story. It's back to cool and damp and overcast.

If you ever look at the comments from the other posts, you might have noticed the exchange between Deb and my mom. I realized they were talking to each other but not until I had dug through a garbage bag to find the padded envelope in which my bracelet arrived.

Betty and I did our cardio and strength workout today. This is the start of our 3rd week which is much longer than most people would have guessed we would persevere. I walked most of my treadmill routine today hands-free! Hurray for me! My balance must be improving which I hope will keep me out of a nursing home someday. Much of it is still very difficult...doing the exercise, counting, and breathing takes a lot of coordination. I asked Rachel if we could hire her kids to count for us as that seems to be a downfall. The other things are sort of critical. You probably have noticed the absence of any news about Zumba. By the time I'm done with this other stuff, that is way beyond my capacity.

Off to dig up another book. Light a candle in your garden for Baby Belle tonight.

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deb said...

I don't like the numbers and counting thing but it does sort of "draw a line" in the sand about what you need to do. Congratulations on the "no-hands" treadmill. I know there's a term for it like "the death clasp" or something because it takes away some of the effect. Another something to research, i suppose.