Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the nicest day ever

Today was one of those perfect days. No humidity, a blue sky, perfect temperature. We picked Ella up after school and did a few errands in Mankato. She is so entertaining. Regis got some popcorn at Grizzly's and asked her if she could have some. She has food allergies and she usually knows what she can have and not have. She was chowing on the popcorn and said, "This is fantastic. So much better than the allergy popcorn." Uh oh. Call to mom. No more popcorn. We called her dad on the way home so she could say goodnight. After he hung up, she said, "Bob's nothing but an animal." Where did she get that??? Regis laughed so hard, I thought he was going to have to pull over.

We're watching Ghostbusters on AMC. We both remember it well from when our kids were small and loved it. Guess how many years ago it first came out? 25! How can that be?

We're getting ready for the Saum reunion at Ottertail lake this weekend. I will be out of pocket from Friday to Sunday night. No blog posts and no cell phone. I did see kids sending text messages last year but that takes me so long, I might as well drive into Battle Lake and use the pay phone. I just checked the weather forecast...50's during the day and 40's at night. Better get out the thermals again.

Regis is smoking a couple pork butts (ha ha ha) for pulled pork sandwiches Friday night. Tiffany is bringing hot dogs to cook on the fire Saturday night. Mom is bringing stuff for smores. That's the extent of what I know has been planned. I couldn't get Peter to sign on...he said people would ask him questions. I said it was a good thing he was avoiding that since he works for the secret service and wouldn't want to reveal things like where he works and when he will be done with school. When he was in high school, he thought asking what he had for lunch was a personal question.

Tom is on a road trip to Idaho with his brother. They plan to camp and fish along the way. It sounds like something from a novel and I can see why Betty decided to stay home and enjoy the pleasures of AC and a warm bed.

I talked to Jane today and our trip to Iowa in July is a go. She said that's the weekend of Heritage Days in Mt. Vernon. They'll be selling beer on the street corners, don't you know. I won't be partaking but I'll enjoy the ambience.

When I lived in Iowa, the next tiny town over built a new fire station. The first time they had a fire, all the firemen showed up but nobody had the key to the fire station. How good is that? Unless you were the one waiting for them, I guess.

I loved living in Iowa and have some great stories about my tour of duty there.

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