Tuesday, June 16, 2009

melting is way too passive

I don't really like to talk numbers but I have lost a lot of weight in the last year. Let's just say a lot. I have a few friends who proclaim that I am melting when they see me about once a week. Today when I was at the pulse, doing my 30-minute treadmill workout #2 with inclines and intervals, I thought melting is way too passive for what I've been doing. Most days don't feel like an entire campaign but some days do feel like a battle. I would say that in general, all the things I've done since last August, including the head parts, are the hardest work I have done in my life.

We took Peter to Patrick's for a hamburger tonight. Before he got there, a young man with a baseball cap walked in with a girl. I swear Regis gasped...he thought Peter was bringing a girl to meet us. Peter really laughed when he heard that. I keep telling him we don't want to read in the Free Press that he bought a marriage license.

Regis made Bruce's recipe for Apple Pie yesterday. This is a recipe made with ever clear, not your grandma's apple pie. We took a bottle to Tom and he proclaimed it a success. I didn't try any...not sure what would kill me faster, the juice or the liquor. Best not to experiment.

I went out to fill the bird feeder and when I approached the bag of sunflower seeds in the garage, I spotted a dead mouse. I backed away and came back into the house. How could a mouse expire within 8 inches of a huge sack of sunflower seeds. Peter came out to fill the feeder and move the mouse. I asked him if he could tell what had killed the mouse but he didn't know. No autopsies were performed.

We're going to see the movie The Hangover. Don't ask me why.

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