Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i'm being forced to write about this even though I don't think it's such a big deal

We're under a tornado watch tonight and I happened to ask Regis if the weather radio is at the ready since I have a fear of a tornado bearing down on me in the dark. He got up to check and found the spot where it had been but there it was: gone. Sometime this winter, in a fit of cleaning which happens rarely, I took it from its spot on the counter and poked it into the cupboard beneath. Regis is pitching a fit. He says I am unreasonably fearful to the point of paranoia about storms and it makes no sense that I would disarm the weather radio. I said I'm not really fearful of winter storms sneaking up on me so it makes perfect sense that I would put it away in December. He's storming around here in one of his man-tempers about the whole thing and insists that I write about it. I suppose he thinks I'll make myself look bad rather than sugar coat it like I did.

Peter was going out to celebrate a friend's birthday tonight. I told him if he was in a bar and a tornado appeared, he should go into the beer cooler. He said Chopper's has a basement. A nice one, I bet. That bar has been there since dirt.

Miles, keep a weather eye out tonight, buddy. I hear there are storm warnings for your area. You should hear the robot on the weather radio say Owatonna. It's a hoot.

I went off to the pulse this morning to save myself the work-out this afternoon. Rachel reminded me that she would see Betty and me this afternoon at 3:15 for our training. Uff da. I had forgotten. So I got a double work-out today and I'm beat. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to rest my weary muscles.

That's it for today. I'm going to bed to read.


Modern Man said...

{He Snorts and Paw the ground.}
Now just a cotton pickin minute! Teresa is constantly worried about being blindsided by a statistically improbable tornado. She is so obsessed with the possibility that she runs downstairs on the first Wednesday of the month when the test siren goes off. It is inconceivable that she would put the weather radio away. It simply doesn't make sense, yet once again this year, just like all the other years before it, we needed to mount a search party to find the damned thing tucked away in a "safe place." I can already read the headline in the Herald after we are killed one of these years, "St Peter couple perishes in Tornado - Weather radio safely stored away." Uff Da!

miles said...

Dear Teresa,
My mommy and daddy don't have a weather radio, but after tonight they are going to get one! Then I'll let you know what I think of how the little man inside pronounces Owatonna.

It was wicked in my city tonight. We spent some time in the basement. My mommy pretty much packed up all of our belongings and set up camp in the corner by the hot water heater and furnace. She's a smart lady. I slept through the whole ordeal though, so I can't report much more. Thanks again for the heads up - we keep an eye on your blog whenever the sky looks dirty.