Friday, June 19, 2009

a at your own risk

Regis is famous for his bizarre dreams. He had one a week ago that involved a catastrophe of some kind that meant we would not have access to food and people were encouraged to eat their pets. So, barbecue king that he is, he cooked and carved up Bert, our Jack Russell terrier who has been gone (as in dead) for a couple years. Bert's disposition being what it was, nobody was inclined to eat him. We didn't want to eat our other pet who tends to have a sweeter personality so Kramer was allowed to hang around the yard with his fat lizard friend. See the picture. I told you it was weird.

I cleaned out the back porch today. I'm so glad I have good enough standards for cleaning. I just don't like to spend my life scouring dirt and sweeping cobwebs. Who cares really.

Regis and I went to the cooking store this afternoon and bought a couple little silicone basting brushes and some squirt bottles for our sauces. See? I'd much rather spend time dinging around with basting brushes and sauces than cleaning anything. People in some places live in houses with dirt floors. My doctor doesn't believe in anti-bacterial anything so she supports my slovenly notions.

When our current dog passes, we're going to replace the floors in our house. I'm thinking of something in a nice stainless steel with a big drain in the middle.

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Jill said...

It took me a minute to make the leap from Kramer's future nonexistence to new floors.