Tuesday, June 23, 2009


My friend, Ann, gave me a dog food bag full of canna lily bulbs. Regis was intrigued by them but wasn't familiar with the name so he started calling them cannolis with which he has great familiarity. Cannoli is an Italian pastry rolled around a tube and deep fried before being stuffed with a sweet ricotta cheese mixture. The cannas kind of look like cannoli when they first come out of the ground...rolled up like, you know. We planted about 30 of them in front of the west window and covered them with mulch. About three days later, we noticed a pattern of burrows going from bulb to bulb in a criss-cross fashion. I thought they had been consumed by moles or pocket gophers or chipmunks of which I have seen many darting around the garden. Today we counted eight cannas, or cannolis, maybe four to five inches high. So either the rodents only ate a few or didn't eat enough of any of them to keep them from growing. Pictures of the cannolis in a month.

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