Monday, June 08, 2009

animals galore

Our yard is full of baby birds and animals today. There's been a baby robin (or two or three) perched here and there for the last couple days. We hope they're the babies from our nest. A parent bird is usually nearby, still delivering worms and bugs. There was a baby house finch in the tray feeder with the mama today, and I could hear him squawking from in the house. That must get on her nerves. When she finally left and flew into a tree, he followed and almost landed on top of her. Children are the same in any species, I guess.

The birds have been making good use of the tray feeder full of sunflower seeds and the grape jelly. We put jelly out for the orioles but we never see any of those. The grackles, finches, and robins all eat the jelly like crazy.

I wish Regis could get a picture of the baby robins. They are so darn cute. This isn't ours, but it's what they look like. I love the little pin feathers on his head and the grumpy look.

It's so cold and windy out for those poor little things. They need tiny coats and mittens.

I ordered Regis a present for Father's Day today and had it delivered to the home of a different person. I'm not going to say who because he might be sniffing around there. I also forbid him from using Amazon for the next two weeks so he can't look at where's our stuff. I don't think I've bought him a present in ten years that he hasn't seen before the event for which it was ordered.

I went to the work-out place this afternoon and did the elliptical thing for five minutes without dying but I had to take a couple breaks. Some people actually use that thing and read magazines while they're doing it for heaven's sake. When I walk on the treadmill, I hang on for dear life. She wants me to work on walking hands-free. I said I didn't think that was allowed and really, why would they have a handle on it? I can do it when I walk slower than 3.7 miles per hour but any faster than that and I am afraid I'll shoot off the end like a hocky puck. I don't wave at people or watch television while I'm walking either. I have mastered the iPod. Ta da.

Seriously, this working out thing is full of amazing sights. There was a class going on where people danced back and forth on a step thing while waving their arms. Now that's coordination.

I like to listen to the Dropkick Murphys while I walk. Good thing that the only noise comes out of the tiny headphones.

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Anonymous said...

Teresa- I have been walking on the treadmill for over a year now and I use "a hand-free" approach--one hand is pumping up and down as I walk and the other hand clinches the bar. After about two minutes I switch hands and that can be even tricky at times. I once saw a person drop a kleenex while walking--man that thing was gone in a split second.

As far as the elliptical--there are days I still have to stop and rest after 2-3 mintues. Many times I cover the face of the machine with a towel so I don't watch the clock--it doesn't move fast enough! It will be only 5 minutes, but it seems like 15.

The first month and a half after joining I was really excited and determined. The next month and a half I kept thinking why the heck am I doing this. Now I can actually say my body lets me know when I haven't been there for awhile. I can't say I am always excited about going, but I do feel a lot better when I get done--feel better inside and feel stronger. So, hang in there girl! Barb