Sunday, May 31, 2009

sunday in pictures

Here's the garden from the patio angle. We watered everything today but rain would be better. That's my favorite plant on the left in the back...the veronica longifolia. God only knows how I have remembered that for the years I've had the plant. I'll take another picture when it blooms.

This is the gazing globe Regis gave me for Christmas a few years ago. Those are the Georges peeking out from behind. Regis asked again today if I was going to plant something in the Georges. Nope. I like them empty. It's a statement.

Pictures from the patio. This is one of the perennial grasses we planted. And the turtle hose guide. I love the name...hose guide. Like a spiritual thing.

It's been a good year for pansies. I swear I've never gotten anything to grow in this pot before.

There are tiny things that live in the little house at the base of the geranium. Maybe an ant colony or a swarm of gnats.

Can you see the moon? Regis was disappointed in this shot but what is he after all, the Hubble Telescope?

Happy Sunday Psychosis.

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