Saturday, May 02, 2009


We went to Elvira's funeral this morning. It was a nice gathering and a good send-off for her. The music was especially nice.

Regis bought an electric leaf blowing/sucking implement. He tried it out today but I can't say I was too impressed. You have to rake the leaves out of the plants or shrubs before you suck them up. It does mulch them into a bag so they're not so bulky. Now he and the neighbor can have a blow off.

Our neighbor has mowed his lawn three times already this spring. I don't think our grass is even vertical yet. Like us, it wakes up slowly in the spring.

I watched the Kentucky Derby. I must say that it's a sport I enjoy. Most of the event is before and after the race human interest kinds of things and the actual race only lasts 2 minutes.

I made myself a pan-seared tuna steak for dinner with roasted asparagus. One little tuna steak made six meals but that's ok. It will make nice lunches. It's good to be done with pureed food (of which I have too much in the cupboards...) and be on to real food.

Regis told me he would take pictures of the patio-in-progress but he forgot in the excitement over the leaf sucker. We'll do it tomorrow. We're excited to have it done so we can get the grill out.

I'm reading a book that's like living part of the day in another world. It's full of wonderful eccentric characters and great language. And a good story.

That's all for today. I'm watching a baseball game with the men.

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