Monday, May 18, 2009

my hinder

I was at a meeting today and my skirt started to irritate my waist. I stood up a little and gave the back of it a tug. My butt apparently used to hold a skirt up better than it did today because it slid right over my hinder and I had to act fast to capture it (the skirt) and reverse the damage. I was mortified, everyone acted like they hadn't seen a thing, and we went on with the serious matters of discussion. I have spent the rest of the day relaxing my vision to see what appears peripherally and what the chances are that this hideous act was not observed by my colleagues. Not much of a chance, I'll say. If you were at any meetings with me today and don't know what I'm talking about, all I'll say is whew.

Regis and I went for a bike ride after dinner. I was pedaling along, enjoying a leisurely ride (what do you expect from a person with a wicker basket on the front with a red and white tea towel draped artistically over the edge...this is not a speed racer) but Regis nagged me about going faster and getting a cardiac workout. My legs hurt so bad from all the gardening yesterday that I can hardly waddle. I was not interested in a cardiac workout. I just wanted to make it home.

Tom came to get the Engelman ivy that I had growing along the chain link fence until my neighbor whacked it off because it was messy. Tom will give it a good home. I think I saw some along the road on Old Minnesota Avenue but it might have been poison ivy. I don't think I would mess with it.

We're enjoying the patio but the gnats have been a little pesty. Regis bought a pork butt at the store today and it's going to be the first grill project this weekend. I have asparagus and brussel sprouts that might taste good on the grill.

We watched Antiques Roadshow tonight. Regis always says about some hundred thousand dollar trinket, "I had one of those but I sold it on a garage sale". One day I'll chase him out of the house with a broom when he says it.

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