Sunday, May 17, 2009

my hair

I take a shower and do my hair every day, except for rare occasions. One day the end of December, I went swimming in the morning and didn't do my hair. Regis had his spell that night and had to take a ride in the ambulance...and I had to ride along in my striped pajama pants and god awful hair. Today was the second time in recent memory I didn't do my hair. I had worked in the garden all day and finally took a bath and washed my hair about 6 o'clock. No product, no hair dryer...just au natural. About 6:30, I look out the front door for the pizza delivery guy and there's my neighbor with a young woman who is writhing around on the grass in pain. I went out to see if they needed medical help and before it was over, we had a cop, an ambulance, and three neighbors standing on our boulevard...and me in a flannel nightgown, purple robe, and slippers. Holy crap. Bad hair is dangerous.

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Anonymous said...

How about a bad hair day hat?