Thursday, May 21, 2009

fast trip

Regis and I raced over to Mankato after work to buy mulch for the garden at Menard's. We bought 35 bags of cedar bark that should cover 35 X 12 square feet. Whatever that would be. Oh, yes, the calculator. 437 square feet. That should do it.

I had to buy some impatiens for under the apple tree and some ajuga for along the steps. Going to garden centers this time of year is like visiting a crack house.

I finished moving my office from one area of the building to another today, thanks to a couple of hard-working students. Later, a different student came to the door of the new office, leaned against the door and said he loved what I had done with the decor, that it had nice feng shui. Hard to keep a straight face.

Not much new here, I guess.


mom said...

35 bags of mulch!! Are you going to cover the whole block with mulch? I went to the Arboretum yesterday; the wind was so bad when we went on the tram all we could hear from the driver was ,"blah,blah,blah,garden--blah, blah,blah, garden."
Not the best day to go there.

Amanda said...

35 bags, i'm impressed! callum and i just bought 12 bags and spread it all out. between the two trips to fit it all in my tiny car, putting it all out, and chasing around a toddler determined to spread mulch all over the place, i'm exhausted.