Tuesday, May 26, 2009

cool and windy spring day and how i spent bob dylan's birthday

I know it wasn't really his birthday today but since I missed his real birthday, I recognized it today by listening to the soundtrack from I'm Not There and all three discs of Tell Tale Signs.

How can it be so cloudy and not produce a drop of rain? We have baby grass sprouting and it's a pain in the butt to keep it wet. Not so much today but in the warm wind of the weekend. I think I'll need another blanket on the bed tonight.

My friend, Jill, landed in the hospital again this past weekend. She likes that phrase "landed in the hospital" and has a great mental image to go along with it. Get over that dang rashy stuff, Jill! Stop landing in the hospital.

I forgot to call the pharmacy today about my ambien and the bottle says no more refills. Ugh. How could I let that happen? The pharmacy is faxing the doctor who will twitter me that I need to come in for an appointment to make sure I'm not an ambien addict. Ha! Just kidding about the twitter part. Yeah, I'm addicted to a night's sleep. No medical advice folks. We'll leave that to the real M.D.'s.

I wanted to ride my bike to work today but when Regis took the lawn chairs into the garage last night, he saw it had a flat tire. A flat tire! What? So I called the Nicollet Bike Shop to got my first tune-up and they're coming tomorrow. They'll fix it right here, if possible. How's that for service?

My car mechanic once said that I had broken a city-wide record for flat tires on my car. It was after the tornado and I bet I had one a week. Arvin said I must be spreading nails out on the driveway and trying to run over them. Arvin is taking up temporary residence at Shorty's, by the way. He is being displaced by the new Kwik-Trip but will eventually buy the fixing business himself and move to a new spot. Arvin is our car hero.

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