Thursday, May 07, 2009

big events

A patio is no big news by comparison to the birth of twin baby boys so I have to post pictures of both. These are Charlie and Angie's twins, Ethan and Owen, with their proud Grandpa Larry. Jill hasn't been lucky enough to be there yet to hold them but she's relieved and happy that they are together and soon will be on their way home. Look how tiny they are in Larry's arms. Hard to believe in a year they will fill his lap!

Here's the new patio completed. Regis broke out a few lawn chairs today and we had the maiden voyage of patio sitting. The weather is perfect for the patio, only a few bugs, a nice breeze, and warm sun. Jill stopped for a few minutes to trade presents: tapas plates in the shape of vegetables, a book about grandmas, diapers, and a bathtub. Guess who got what. We love presents.

Regis is in mourning over the rumors of a merger between Yuengling and Miller/Coors. He loves Yuengling, tolerates Miller, but disdains Coors as bunny pee beer. Coors was cool when I was in college because you couldn't buy it here. People who went to college skiing brought it back in the trunks of their cars and it was a hot item. Not so much anymore. It makes Regis sad to see his beloved Yuengling, the oldest brewery in America, go the way of corporate nasty ass beer.

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