Saturday, April 25, 2009


Alex popped by to visit today while the men he travels with cut down a tree in our backyard. He smiled at me a couple times but we couldn't quite get it on film. He's a pretty happy guy and according to his Popop, has some admirable qualities for a baby: he likes to eat and sleep and as long as you keep his pants dry, he's content.

I'm watching the NFL draft. I don't care a fig about football but I like the human drama. Those kids look like they're about 14. They usually have an entourage with them and I suppose everyone is happy when the kid walks away with millions of bucks. Oh, man, this guy is crying. The talking heads are interesting too, but I think they're running out of adjectives.

The entertainment factor of the NFL draft would be enhanced if they had all these people in the same room (rather than sequestering them in their own quarters) and served liquor. Imagine what things would be like about four hours into it.

I've been more interested in cooking today so I made an egg bake for lunch and tomato soup for dinner. This is my last week of pureed food. Then I move to a soft mechanical diet, adding fish, poultry, and soft vegetables. I tell you, that sounds pretty darn good.

More later. We're making a run to the co-op for a few emergency supplies, then we're going to watch another Coen brothers movie.


Joanne said...

Alex sure likes Ella on steroids in this picture. What a cutie!!

Jill said...

Such fun to see the babies as they grow. Alex is a cutie.

NFL are more insightful than I'd be. I think we should take bets on which of the young draftees is first to be brought up on felony charges.

mom said...

Grandpa and Grandma Olsen are watching the draft to see if Brenda and Neils' son gets the nod. I was told he would like to be a missionary to Africa.
I cannot imagine you being any where interested in the draft...

Jill said...

I think I can answer my own wondering. Charlie and Larry were talking about this today on the phone--Vikes and the's a quote from the newspaper:

"However, the Vikings' selection of Percy Harvin was rather surprising, ... I'm not saying Harvin, out of Florida, was a bad pick. The Vikings were able to get a decent tackle in the second round when they selected Oklahoma's Phil Loadholt.

Harvin has the potential to be a playmaker, both as a receiver and a return man. He also reportedly tested positive for marijuana at the NFL combine. With your future on the line, who chances toking up like that before the combine? That's not real smart."

Apparently there's something called a "red dot list" of potential draft picks who might have "issues". Sounds like something you should know about, Teresa.