Saturday, April 04, 2009


We went to Tom and Betty's last night for pizza rustica. Tom says it's a traditional Italian Easter pie made with four cheeses and hard salami. This is not Tom's in the picture but it looks kind of like the one Tom made. It was gorgeous and delicious with a bottle of Puck's Pride red wine from Morgan Creek. As happens when old friends get together, lots of stories were told and a few laughs were had.

While we were there, Betty's sister called to say her mom had taken a turn for the worse and Betty should come. It was a airline ticket snafu with Regis, customer service agent extraordinaire, coming to the rescue. He got on the internet and the phone and in about twenty minutes, had her a good ticket at at a reasonable price. I told him it was like the customer service olympics...performing for an audience of five.

A couple years ago, we had these weird holes in our yard that we thought were moles. Might have been moles that time, I guess. I noticed holes again a few weeks ago but this time we think they're from chipmunks. We've seen one running around the yard and in the bird feeder. I suppose the yard nazi next door will be setting traps once he sees them. Not me. They don't eat much and they don't bother me.

Wait a minute. When I went to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee, I glanced out the window and saw three rabbits in the garden. It's like a wildlife farm out there today. I used to curse the neighbor's cat but I think it helped to keep the rodentia population down although Regis tells me that rabbits are not rodents because their scrotums are in front of their penises instead of behind as in rodents. There's a fact for you.

This falls into the category of things that are funny one night and not so much the next day. Regis came home with a note in his pocket on which he had written these two phrases. When I said them, we laughed and laughed. Now, I can't figure out why. Here they are:
  • of which I were not any
  • of whom I was not one
Must have been the wine that made it funny.

I better get out of my chair and get something done around here.

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