Friday, April 17, 2009

pee wee herman bike and people my age are starting to look gross

I took this picture myself. I started something I'm calling the face project. I'm going to take a picture of my own face every few days from now until January 1st. Then I'll put them all together in a slide show. This isn't one of those, but I still like the photo. I look sort of wrinkled and tragic.

This is Regis with his favorite spring beer, Harp. The weather has been so nice he may have to switch to the summer beer. That's what happens in Minnesota...two weeks between frost bite and sun burn.

My feet at the end of my legs doing what they do best. Nothing. I love these red polka-dot shoes.

Regis adds some accessories to my new bike. He happily installed the odometer and the mirror but groused a little (and made that circular motion by his ear) when I asked him to hang the towel from the basket.

This is my new bike with its basket (and little red and white towel), bell, mirror, and odometer. Young Reg says he has his bike fully loaded like Pee Wee Herman. I like to think of myself as more of an Elvira Gulch character. Did she have an odometer?

Hard to tell if she has an odometer but she has her basket in the back instead of the front. Nice hat, too.

These are my pansies looking sort of weird and artsy. Tom says (and it bears repeating) that they shouldn't be called pansies because they're tough.

These are two of the pansy pots I planted the other day and my spring flag with poppies. You can see evidence in this picture that I didn't travel far to take these photos. Hey....I'm recovering!

I wanted to add people my age are starting to look gross to the title (It's from a John Gorka song.) so I wouldn't forget about it. More on that weird thought later.


Jill said...

You look neither wrinkled nor tragic, but I get why you thought about tragic. There's a certain 1940's quality about you-in-the-hat-and-earrings photo. Like a movie star who is hiding a sordid past.

Jill said...

PS I expect Toto will jump out of your bike basket at any time.