Sunday, April 26, 2009

more on the draft

To clarify, I only care about the immediate human drama of the NFL draft...who cries, whose mom is there, who has a lot of new bling, who has a room full of relatives, who fusses with their hair after they put the cap on...I don't care about any of the rest of it and I forget their names the minute they leave the stage. This would never carry over into any sincere interest in football.

Regis and I ordered tickets to see Lyle Lovett this summer at the State Theater in Minneapolis. The show starts at 8:00 (that's P.M.) so I think we'll stay downtown for the night since we don't like to be up too late. We can have dinner, walk to the theater, and have a fine time. It will be like a vacation.

After checking on the prices of downtown hotels, we just might be driving home. The only one in our price range gets reviews like this:
They recently replaced the mattresses but the linens, furniture, and everything else is worn, dated, and in need of a massive renovation. The TV's are so old and the picture is so fuzzy that you can't read any text on screen. I stayed in many different rooms (at least 14 different rooms on different floors), and the TVs and furnishing were equally bad everywhere.

Oh good. windy again. What's up with that?

I better get ready for work tomorrow.


mom said...

Teresa, this you might like to know. Seth Olsen was picked on the fourth round by the Denver Broncos. Brenda will be happy.

Jill said...

Your mom knows how to keep you interested in the draft, Teresa!

Do you suppose Lyle Lovett would mess with his hair if his name were announced as a draft pick? What caused the breakup between him and Julia Roberts, anyway? Now she's on to another life. Is he? Do you think he's happy?