Wednesday, April 08, 2009

loss of propiety

I was walking down the hall last night dragging a bag of urine behind me, pushing a pole with about a hundred lines and monitors, with a three-day old hairdo and an ugly hospital robe. The new pajamas in my bag haven't see the light of day and I haven't had a shower since Monday. So far I have not gone out with my ass flapping in the wind but that could be coming. I've seen other people do it. I had male nurses (Todd and James) last night which made me squeamish at first but they were't bothered by my old self so I decided to not be bothered by them and they were wonderful caretakers. Meghan took the catheter out this morning (Regis says I am giving too much information which isn't like me.) so I'm independent in the john. I also get to drink clear liquids and I can tell you that sugar-free cherry kool-aid tastes grand. If things continue to go well and move through the system (so to speak), I'll be able to go home Thursday afternoon. Is that tomorrow?

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