Thursday, April 23, 2009

it's a mess

Jill, I told you my office is a mess. This doesn't give the whole picture but it's enough of a hint. I swear I'm going to clean it up tomorrow. Get a dumpster.

I had a good week...went swimming three times, going out for coffee before work tomorrow, Karl came to lay out the patio, and it's Betty's birthday today. Hurray. We should have a new patio by this time next week.

I almost ran over a pocket gopher today. Last year, two tiny ones ran in front of my car over by Jefferson Avenue. One turned back and I thought oh no they'll never find each other. Maybe they have short term memory problems and it didn't matter to them like it did to me.

The wind is disturbing.


Jill said...

This may prompt me to take a picture of MY office to show you what slovenliness is. Just pick up those papers and file folders from the floor, girl and it will look neat and tidy.

Have I seen those cool bags under your desk? I just got a new one today, delivered by UPS. It's made out of recycled materials from woven plastic banners that were used in Seattle for something or another. The straps are re-purposed (interesting word, isn't it?) car seat belts. This is my second bag of this type. The first was a big bag; this one is smaller. I love them both.

Teresa Saum said...

Only another bag lover would see those bags in this mess! One's a lunch bag from TJ Maxx and the other one is an Isabella's Journey purse. I have to see your new bags, Jill!