Friday, April 10, 2009

is this for real? OMG this is hilarious

Twittering the passion: NYC church plans performance of Christ story in 140-character tweets

Last update: April 10, 2009

NEW YORK - Experience the Passion of Christ — in 140-character bursts.

In a marriage of Christian tradition and digital technology, Wall Street's Trinity Church is using the micro-blogging service Twitter to perform the story of Jesus Christ.

The main characters will tweet the Passion play for three hours beginning at noon on Good Friday. The feed also can be delivered to mobile devices or e-mail addresses.

The lower Manhattan Episcopal parish also is offering a Web version of the Stations of the Cross.

The church was founded by a small group of Anglicans in 1697.

Commentary: Do these people think this is a religious experience? Isn't this funny? They're going to tweet the Passion play for three hours? What the....?????? Does God have a Facebook page? Can I be a friend?

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