Wednesday, April 29, 2009

i'll try to crank out something witty

I went to a conference in Minneapolis today. My traveling partners were fun and the conference was interesting but my brain hurt by about noon. Just too much information. It was cold in there, too, and my water bottle spilled all over the bottom of my bag, soaking my calendar, my folders, my wallet, and pretty much everything in there. It was a mess.

Random notes on the day...
  • The sidewalk is still under construction due to the rain today. We're going to have a nicer sidewalk (not the right word for something as fine as this) than a kitchen floor.
  • The apple tree has actual leaves on it. Tiny ones, but leaves just the same.
  • Our friend, Jane, is saying good-bye to her sister Vivian today. Jane says Vivian is peaceful now and kept her sense of humor right to the end. That's a good way to go.
  • Jill probably has new grandbaby twins by now. I can't wait to hear.
  • I'm not reading or listening to anything about the SF. I don't think my distress will help.
  • Daffodils are still blooming in the garden. It's cool and wet which they like.
  • Tiffany says Elliot only woke up once between 10 and 7 this morning.
  • We're going to spend Friday evening with Ella and Alex while Bob and Emily go bowling.
That's all my brain can conjure up tonight.

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