Sunday, April 05, 2009

here's the plan

Here's the group shot we took yesterday. I love these pictures Regis takes with the tripod because they look like everybody squeezed into a small space and the last person jumped in at the last second. That's how it is. Regis and I with our white hair should not have been in the front because we took a lot of the flash, but that's ok.

Amber's brother Mikey, on the right next to Reg, just got his commercial pilot's license. He said this means he can fly for hire. That sounds so exotic and cool. Lot of northern folks in the picture: Mike and Peggy are from Grand Rapids, Mikey from Grand Forks, Glen from Brainerd, and the rest of us are from around here...or from Pennsylvania. Who'd a thought.

My surgery, which seemed like it took forever to arrive, is finally tomorrow. Regis and I are leaving for Rochester about 2:00 so we can check into our motel, meet Pepsi, have dinner with Steve and Sherry and Catie, and get to bed early. I have to call the hospital between 8 and 10 tonight to see what time to report in the morning. The last time I checked, I was first on the list so if I haven't been bumped, that will be 7:00. I'm guessing I'll be done about noon, but since I haven't had surgery since I was about 4 (back in the days of ether), I don't know.

Regis will call if you want him to...or send a text...and tell you I'm fine and awake. I'll try to post something later with more details so if you're the curious type, let me know you want a call or check back here.

Regis bought himself a Kindle yesterday. Actually it was a present, but that doesn't matter. He saw Betty's on Friday night and his eyes lit up. I knew he'd love it, gadget man and reader that he is. Both Jill and Tom said they noticed that after some time using it, they went to turn the page. Meaning I guess that you make the adjustment from reading a book to reading on the screen very easily. Amazing. You can subscribe to newspapers and they down load automatically and wirelessly. How do it know?

Because I'm an over-packer, I'm going to make a pile of stuff to take, then I'm going to take half of it out. I know I'll have too much and Regis will get a backache toting my bag down the long hallways. I can't wear any make-up or jewelry tomorrow. Eeeeuw. That will be creepy. Here's a website where you can watch a video of a real surgery.

I may end up writing some more today because I can see I'm not much in a mood to be productive.

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Amanda said...

i'll be thinking of you tomorrow!