Sunday, April 12, 2009


We had a nice gathering at Bob and Emily's. There are more pictures here. I took Ella for a little walk after dinner but she was more interested in looking into the ravine at the river than in strolling too far. We read Peter Rabbit several times. She missed the part about Mr. McGregor putting Peter's dad into a pie (frankly, I don't remember that either) but she was very concerned about Peter crying when he couldn't get out of the garden. Popop pulled some quarters out of her ears before we left and she thanked him. She said she wouldn't want to go to bed with those in her ears. She's a hoot.

If you like words, this is a very cool website that I stumbled upon while searching for a name for a goat that begins with Z. One of the pages is called The International House of Logorrhea:
logorrhea log-uh-RI-uh, n an excessive flow of words, prolixity [Gr logos word + roia flow, stream] Welcome to the International House of Logorrhea, a free online dictionary of weird and unusual words to help enhance your vocabulary. The IHL is a component of The Phrontistery, which has many other free word lists and unusual word related resources. Check it out, not so much to build your vocabulary, but maybe to discover a good name for a goat.

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