Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I thought this was such a nice letter about my dad.

I am nominating Estle Saum as a candidate for the Canby High School Hall of Fame.

Estle Saum is a name that has been understood to be a part of Canby High School for many decades. I believe that Estle has been the biggest influence on this institution in the past 40 years or maybe history.

He gave of his time in a way that not many can really understand. He always put his school as a priority and always wanted the students to achieve at their potential. He was perceived as a mainstay in this school, but the sacrifices he made were overlooked by many.

There were many nights that he stood by the door of athletic events when his children were participating at other locations. I’m sure he would have rather been attending his son’s wrestling matches, instead of hosting girl’s basketball. He believed in his job, his school, and was dedicated to serve all of us to the best of his ability.

Estle was a man of few words and I learned from him that quality beats quantity any day of the week. He spoke very honestly and was never afraid of the repercussions. I believe that Estle wanted the best for his teachers, students, and his community.

- One day I remember that the Minnesota Gopher Basketball Team came to Canby to play a scrimmage in our High School Gym. This was a very big event and at the time the Gophers were doing very well nationally. Arnie Carlson was our Governor then and he also came to Canby. He had addressed Estle and told Estle that he would be introducing the team. Estle ever so politely told him that this is not a political arena and he would not be doing any such thing, but welcomed the Governor to sit it the stands, which he did.

Estle Saum was and is the definition of a leader, always leading by example and understanding how to get people to rise to the occasion. He was very humble, wanting the credit to go to others, and willing to accept the blame for others. He truly knew how to achieve a goal and was able to orchestrate talent in a way that was successful.

I have lived in Canby for 40 years, and I am so proud of so many teachers, athletes and coaches but I do not know of a person more deserving of this honor than Estle. I am very respectful yet very naïve as to why this letter is appropriate because in my mind this is a “no-brainer”.

Thank You,

Paul Huber

Class of 1983

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