Wednesday, April 15, 2009

brief update

I've done a lot of walking today...2.19 miles, so far. I also took my new bike for a short ride. I love it! I feel like Elvira Gulch cruising down the road after Toto. Only better.

I caught my dog with his nose in the window well today. I'm not sure if he had consumed bunnies, but there was fur hanging out of his mouth. Any rabbit dumb enough to make a nest in our yard probably deserves to have the gene pool drained and flushed. I can say that cruel and callous thing because I'm pretty sure the mama moved the babies yesterday. I think Kramer was just digging in the nest.

And here's the truth. Last time he ate bunnies, he got pancreatitis and had to spend the night in the doggie hospital on IV's. This time, he's reached his out-of-pocket maximum. That will be its own punishment for bunnie consumption if there was any. So sad. Life's a bitch.

Regis says I'm shopping like a squirrel getting ready for winter. Today a cute little plastic thing for my lunch was delivered, and a timer to let me know when to eat and drink. Ha! He just likes to give me a hard time. Just doing my part for the economy. Here's the Sassy Baby On-the-Go:

I planted pansies today, too. I'll take some pictures when they start blooming again. I hate to cut the flowers off but that's what they recommend.

Oh, and Karl came and looked at the area where we want to put the RHF Memorial Patio. His price was much lower than we expected so we might have him just do it. Neither of us are very good at organizing DIY projects. Karl says it would take a day and a half. He loved the stories about the last dude that worked on our bricks.

Oh, and one more thing. I bought new glasses today with the money left over in Regis' flexible spending account. He had to spend it by Friday or it was going away so these are my Economic Recession glasses. Here's what they look like...very hip and cool.

If this is a brief update, wouldn't you hate to see a lengthy update?


Joanne said...

Good thing you are coming back to work in a week- time off apparently brings out the shopper in you. Why don't you start looking at those cell phones and just pick one out for me- you know what I like probably better than I do, and you seem to be in the right frame of mind. Shopping for anything sounds like torture for me these days.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the glasses?

Jill said...

I'll bet you think I asked where you got the glasses, but I didn't. I just now read the blog entry. I like the glasses lots!