Tuesday, March 10, 2009

still winter

I'm not going to complain about the weather, believe it or not. I will tell you that the snow, which is not apparent on any radar I've looked at tonight, due to the wind blowing 40 mph. We're such optimistic sops in Minnesota; everybody says this won't last long and it will melt right away. What difference does that make when it's ten days away from spring and you still have to dress like you're taking a dog sled over the tundra.

I know I've made some mental notes for new posts over the last few days of non-blogging but I've forgotten what they were.

Whoa, the snow blows so hard every few minutes that I can't see across the street. I was ready to call the patio man the other day. Karl's going to give us some tips and maybe do the manual labor of root-chopping and hole-digging. Tom and a few of the other men offered to help but we have an aversion to sweat and more of an attraction to the creative side of patio building.

I dread swimming the next two days. It's been nice to have more moderate temperatures that don't require until noon to defrost after going back out into the cold.

I have to take the dog into the groomer tomorrow and I dread that, too. Ever since he grabbed the cheek of that little white, fluffy dog and made him cry like a baby. I'm hoping that his vision has deteriorated to the point that he won't be so aggressive. He's very sweet with people but he disdains animals with a vengeance. When we used to take him to the eye clinic in Plymouth, they cleared the waiting room for us. He's a twenty-pound furry death machine.

My twenty-one year old son is at work in Mankato. I want to call him and tell him to be careful on his way home but I suppose that's dumb as he's old enough to figure that out for himself. One of the things I'm painfully aware of again with the birth of the babies in our family: it's like letting your heart walk around outside your body.

I think I'm going to turn my mattress pad up to high and go to bed.

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