Wednesday, March 18, 2009

how did it get to be wednesday already

We've had a quiet week. No green beer for us last night, we had corned beef and cabbage for dinner and watched one of Regis' all-time favorite movies, The Quiet Man. I like all of it except the last fight scene. There are some great lines.

We went to Barnes and Noble tonight with my Valentine money and my three-page list. It's hard to shop at B&N with a list because they won't give you access to a computer to find anything and they have their books grouped all weird. Why couldn't they have a computer like the public library so I could find things myself? They're very helpful if you ask, but I'd like to just browse around and find them myself. I bought these things:
  1. Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese
  2. The Red Convertible by Louise Erdrich
  3. The Best Essays of 2008
  4. Dalva by Jim Harrison
  5. A couple others that I can't see from here...
Numbers one and two are hardcover books and I usually hesitate to buy them because they're expensive. Erdrich and Verghese (The Tennis Partner) are favorite authors, though, so I'm sure I'll like them. Maybe I'll figure out a way to post my long list.

I've noticed a movement toward thermostat diminishment of which I am not fond. I'm just saying, it's cold everywhere I go. Are we going to have to dress like Tibetan yak herders INDOORS from now on? And probably smell like the yaks by the end of the day.

I've had a paranoia this winter about falls and head injuries (in combination) so the tragic news about the actress who fell on the ski slope and died, with no bloody cut or apparent injury, was about enough to send me into a spin. Does a guy have to wear a helmet all the time? Holy shit life is scary.

It's Tiffany's birthday today! Happy birthday to you, Tiff! She's 24 years old.

I took a day off from swimming today but I'm back in the water tomorrow. Next week, I'm going to start alternating swimming and walking. I'm beginning to feel a little water-logged. And the water has been chilly which I hate. Yesterday I snuck into the hot tub (verboten by the motel police) and that didn't even feel very warm.

Regis has the car buying bug. Not many things I hate more than car buying. If you could just walk in and say I'll take that in red and feel like you got a fair price, it would be one thing. But, it's another thing and we all know what it is.

How did it get to be 8:30 already?

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Anonymous said...

You must have just posted this, Teresa. I'm cold right now, too. We keep our house cool, and have since the First Great Energy Crisis way back in the 1980's. Our kids used to wear so many layers of clothing we had to roll them down the hall to get them from place to place.

Your books sound really interesting. I'm needing to get back into choosing good books again. I've not been too excited about reading the last few months, which was the case about a year ago as well. Must be the late winter dolrums.

Doldrums. A word to think about. Today in class mys tudents decided that "from" is a weird word when repeated over and over again. We read "Where I'm From" poem lines that we'd written last week, so they read, said, and heard the word too much in a short period of time.