Monday, March 02, 2009

galactic leadership

I picked up some Morgan Creek Vineyards wine the other day at MGM when they had the tasting. I recommend it. I like the Seyval, a popular French dry white, light fruit barrel aged in French oak. That last part I got from the website as I'm not much of a wine connoisseur. I even had to look connoisseur up on google to see how to spell it. If you can't spell it, you aren't one.

There's a very nice obituary for Bill Holm on his website. If anyone reading this would like to read his books, I think I have them all and would be happy to deliver them, along with a bottle of pinot noir. I have some favorite things: the essay about Darin Gislason's garden in The Music of Failure, an essay called Horizontal Grandeur (which I have mailed to many people and which always comes up when we talk about the prairie), his book Coming Home Crazy, and the book The Heart Can Be Filled Anywhere on Earth.

My friend Coni once worked at a restaurant in the old Carnegie Library in St. Peter. Bill came in one night after a reading, got carried away and entertained the place for hours with song and story. Drawn by his booming voice and hearty laugh, everyone in the place had pulled up a chair in the vicinity of his table by the time it was all over. He left Coni a 20 dollar tip which was a big tip in a small town restaurant in those days.

Our new babies are doing fine. Elliot went on his first outing today and behaved himself quite nicely, according to his mama. We saw Alex yesterday and he's thriving.

Ella the First Baby (this is a title like The President) is coming to see us tomorrow night. We might go to McDonald's for dinner and play with Play Do. She likes to snuggle in bed and read books. Maybe she'll want to play with the tea cups. When she's here, we do whatever she wants because she's the First Baby. I was there the day she was born and heard her first cry. It was quite a moment, let me tell you. Tears were shed. I'm the designated weeper at all births and marriages.

I'm also the weeper at the start of parades (4th of July), at the end of parades (Macy's Thanksgiving Day), during sad commercials(when the people lose their Traveler's Checks), and at the end of books where animals die. Marley and Me and Seabiscuit, for example. Amazing I can remember all of this but can't remember the names of people I've known for five years.

I just started to read a list of over-used buzzwords but I stopped in the middle. That stuff gets in your head and makes your brain cells spin around like a seat on the Tilt-A-Whirl. It's not healthy for your head. Do a google search and you'll see what I mean.

Don't read it too long is all I'm saying. Someone could do a research study on this: what happens with over-exposure to buzzwords? Does the number of words per sentence in your writing drop? Do you start ending sentences with prepositions? Do you drop the g on present participles? Do you start using like and he goes a lot in your speech? Do you forget about capital letters and punctuation? Do you forget what a semi-colon is for, for God's sake?


Anonymous said...

Me thinks you have been having a nip or two of Morgan Creek Wine today. Brother Pat called tonight; he and his family have the influenza. Helen and Rachel were here for the weekend so I might be next to be stricken. Last night I was playing cards and had a pretzel go down the wrong pipe. I thought they should call 911, but the old ladies just watched as I gasped for breath. One said later that she thought they were going to lose me. Touching!!

Anonymous said...

You can deliver Bill's books and the bottle of wine any time soon. I would enjoy both. Mom

Anonymous said...

There are quite a number of topics I want to comment on from this post, but I'm tired and making spelling mistakes, so I'll limit it to just one. The First Baby. That is so funny! What a great title for Ella! We've been calling Hannah The Lead Cousin, as she's in charge of Miles, and soon also in charge of the twins. She's a good leader so far. I'm guessing Ella is a good First Baby as well! So sweet!

PP said...

Galactic leadership. I love it.