Friday, March 27, 2009


Regis and I went to the grocery store after work today. Of course, it's a mad house at that time of the week. It went alright until we were checking out. The bag boy in our aisle and the one in the next aisle were making sexual gestures at each other with packages of bratwurst and a box of food storage bags. Honestly. Do they think we're so old and addled that we wouldn't figure that out? I suppose if you're 15 and have to work at the grocery store on Friday night, it's anything for a thrill.

I spent part of my day doing these things at school: isolating a problem with the phone lines, attempting to fix two toilets, and talking to the tech guy about software. I asked him if he had been up all night...what he was saying made no sense to me. Ah, it was a productive day.

One thing I've noticed about searching google for images lately is that a lot of them have copyright stuff on them. I'm scared of the copyright police so I hesitate. I'm such a chicken.

Some friends of mine are having a baby shower for Tiffany tomorrow. I hesitate about that kind of thing, too...worrying that I am commiting social faux pas in triplicate. Do people like to be invited to things like that? I worry too much lately.

I'm not sure if I mentioned in this venue that my surgery is April 6th. I'm planning to go back to work on the 20th. About every other day I get freaky and worried, then the next day I'm fine. Monday I go to Mayo for all the pre-op appointments. I'm looking forward to that actually because I like all those people so much. One of the things I'm doing is having an MR elasto something or other as part of a research study. (It's like an MRI but it measures something else.) The hope is that some day they can do this procedure rather than a liver biopsy which is costly and invasive. Anybody read the book Coma? Just kidding.

Going to bed to read....

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