Sunday, March 01, 2009

beer project

Regis got a Mr. Beer from his younger son for Christmas. Today was the uncapping and you can see the result, a lovely amber beer with a nice head. Hurrah! Thanks, Bob.

Babies are both doing fine. Tiffany reported on Elliot this morning. He is, like most, newborns, determined to eat and sleep whenever he feels like it which means she doesn't sleep much. I tried to assure her that he will settle down in a few days. We stopped this afternoon to see Alex and Ella. Alex is eating and pooping like a champ and therefore growing like a weed. Ella hugged me and kissed me a hundred times and said she missed me. It ain't easy being booted from the throne of 1st Child and I think she recognizes an advocate in her Nana.

I finally did some housework this morning which means I do what I usually do: a half-assed job of most of it and don't finish any of it. It looks better and smells better so we made strides. Regis suggested going over to buy groceries this afternoon so we got that job out of the way, too. We discovered a nice antipasta bar in the HyVee so we brought home a sample of blue cheese stuffed green olives, marinated artichoke hearts, and marinated mushrooms. The things we didn't taste right away are on top of a pizza now.

We had another delicious meal at Tom and Betty's house last night. We ended the evening, as we like to do in the winter, by sitting by the fire. It's a good thing there were no audio taping devices because we got started singing and I'm telling you, there will be no record contracts offered.

I started a facebook page the other day but quickly shut it down. I don't like these things: twitter, facebook, text messaging. I like blogging, I like webpages, I like picasa web albums. I like things that make complete sentences and that have punctuation. I don't care if you just let the cat out or if you had chili for dinner. Unless it makes a good story.

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Anonymous said...

Teresa - tell Regis to save some of that gorgeous looking beer for me. [Can a macho beer drinking dude say "gorgeous" when describing anything other than a curvaceous dudette?]

Teresa Saum said...

No problem with using the word gorgeous to describe beer, Tom. Even from a dude as macho as yourself. Regis will save some for you!