Saturday, February 07, 2009


I came down with a bad case of the woozies last night and it's continued today. This is not related to beverages consumed in honor of the parade in case any of the smart asses in the audience are having that thought. My team of crack diagnosticians, the doctors Wessel and Smith, believe it could be related to my neck nerves. I feel best when I'm upright and worst when I bend over or get up too fast. Whoa!

Jill sent an email this morning that was hilarious. Ben & Jerry's made an ice cream in honor of the new president called Yes, Pecan! The story is that they asked people to suggest ice cream names in honor of the former president and they're a hoot. I can't print them here, this being a family-oriented blog, but I would drop the list off at your house (with a bottle of wine) if you really want to see it.

We're having the off-spring over for dinner tonight. I managed to get the meal made but I'm not cleaning. We'll have to keep the lights low and spray some Pledge around the doors.

I'll post pictures later.

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deb said...

Dr. Norris thinks this is related to your new exercise routine. Eat more protein!

Yes, bring that list over and I will have a bottle of wine waiting for you.

Lastly, my ennui exists over cleaning, too, but I suggest spraying Sprayway window cleaner over various surfaces for at least 5 minutes. Do this daily and your house will exude cleanliness. So says this sycophant! (ha ha haha)