Wednesday, February 04, 2009

weird day in the water: don't read this if you're eating

I was floating in the pool this morning, waiting to get out, when a woman rushed in and pushed on the door of the only bathroom, which was occupied. She turned to me and said, and I quote, "I have the runs and I'm wearing white pants." Curious. How would the runs be better if one were wearing, say, brown pants? This was clearly a dilemma for her and way more information than I wanted.

So, another cold day in Minnesota. It got up to, let's say, a balmy 18 degrees which might be tolerable if it weren't for the wicked assed NW wind. This is a god forsaken state this winter. I see on the television that you can fly to Las Vegas for 55 dollars. That would be good if you could get a job as a poker dealer at a casino and never come back. Who wants to live here? Honestly?

I went to Target after school with my friend Joanne. She's a more efficient and accurate shopper than I am. While I'm squinting at labels and trying to figure out the details, she's honed in on what we want, made a decision, and thrown it in the cart. I'd still be there if I had gone alone.

My brain cells went through intermittent periods of engagement today. I would work really hard for a long time then all of a sudden, pfffftttt....the old synapses collapsed and I could smell something like burned rubber. Does this happen to anyone else?

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Anonymous said...

Oh oh! Smelling burned rubber must be a sign of something. Maybe a sign that you're taking off too fast from a stop sign???