Wednesday, February 18, 2009

weary of winter

I realized today that a guy gets tired of winter tasks. I haven't filled the bird feeders for weeks, the grit is piling up on the sidewalk, the dog poop is accumulating in the back yard again, and the house looks grubby. When I can open the windows and wear sandals, this will all get better.

I was doing dishes on Saturday and spotted a large bird on the fence in the back yard. It was tearing something so it looked like a raptor and it was way bigger than most birds we see that close. Regis took some pictures, we dug out the Minnesota bird book, and identified the sharp-shinned hawk, rarely seen in winter. We usually only spot hawks from the car when we're whizzing past on the highway.

The picture is not the actual bird we saw as we don't have leaves on our trees, this being the damn arctic tundra.

Regis and I had Betty and Tom's famous salad on Saturday and we're hooked: we've been experimenting with different greens and dressings (not the bottled stuff ack) this week. I cooked a couple chicken breasts on the George Foreman when I got home from school today and made a nice Asian dressing.

We're going to watch Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus tonight. It's a movie and yes, we have weird taste.

I've been reading some interesting things on the web lately...about facebook being unattractive to young people because old people have taken it on, about twitter being stupid, about text messaging, and about something that was going to be the point of this paragraph but I was interrupted so many times I can't remember what it was.

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