Monday, February 16, 2009

sunday psychosis on monday

Regis and I were so tired tonight we picked up a bruschetta pizza from Godfather's. We watched the news as we ate in our easy chairs. Holy shit that's a habit I don't want... watching the news, that is. Nothing but bad crap that a guy can probably easily go day to day without knowing and be just fine. We both read a lot of news online but there's something about it being said aloud right there in your living room that frankly sucks.

The last few days were so busy and went so fast that all I could do was post the photographic evidence. Be sure to scroll down, though; there's a lot here. A couple random notes...

Tom made popovers on Saturday night. Oh my. Betty called us over to the oven every few minutes to have us watch them rise, bubble with butter, then poof up in golden splendor. I think it added to our appreciation of them in the end.

We had a piece of fish (can't remember what) that Mary Rogotzski, nurse friend from Minneapolis, brought us late this fall. Someone (can't remember who) brought it to her from Alaska. Tom grilled it, then drizzled it with butter and lemon. Oh my. Another feast for the eyes and taste buds.

The meal was memorable; everything cooked to perfection. Several times over the weekend we asked, "What was your favorite part of the meal?" The answer changed all the time...butternut squash and candied pecan salad, popovers, steak, fish... but the consensus was that it was all delicious. Accolades to the chef, Tom!

Jane and Dick brought a carload of baby stuff that their little kids, Riley Jane and Tiernen, have outgrown but there's no news on the baby front here yet. Both babies due on the 26th. Tiffany went to the doctor today...just keep waiting they said. Funny with all our technology, predicting babies is still an inexact science.

This is going to be a much quieter week than last week. Somehow, I'll still find things to blather on about, almost ending a sentence with two prepositions.

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